Saturday, January 21, 2012

Proud Parents

One of the things parents worry about most is the idea we are somehow messing up our children! I think that is especially true of people who live overseas. We wonder do our children fit in, will they adjust, can they have a normal life that they deserve?
The past two weeks we have been in Thailand. We can not have meetings with our co-workers in China, so we all meet in Thailand once a year (every other year now) and have fun and fellowship. Following that time, we went to a wonderful resort near Hua Hin. It just so happened that most of the other families at the resort were like us; Americans teaching in China.
We were able to see the boys interact with many different kids, and compare their behavior to theirs. It was so comforting to us, to see that our boys are doing ok. Its just confirmation that the one who calls you is faithful to give you what you need!

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