Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Chinese Breakfast

This is a typical Chinese breakfast. A cup of soy milk, two mantou, and two baozi. It cost a total of  ¥4, which is less than on $1. Cost for this milk is . 16 in American money, or ¥1

Soy milk is very popular in China, as the Chinese believe its very healthy and an important part of your daily food. 

These are mantou. Basically they are big hunks of bread! They could be compared to fluffy biscuits...but with a Chinese flair. There is no meat in them, and Tegan loves these!  Cost for these is .08 in American money, or ¥.5

These are baozi. They are very popular in China, and you can find them all over the country. Most Chinese food is different in each Province, but this is one universal Chinese breakfast food! Cost for these is .08 in American money, or ¥.5

As you can see, there is some meat in there. Usually lamb, or pork. Renee, Preston and I like these. 

We don't eat this every day, but usually people just grab them on their way to work or school. In fact, they are a staple with the average student, just because they are so cheap and very filling. 

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