Monday, February 27, 2012

Renee's Favorite Things

I'm definitely not Oprah, but I do have some favorite things.

Copycat Recipes
Today, I'm enjoying homemade thin mints.

Sorry, Girl Scouts, but you don't ship overseas!

As a homeschooler, there is so much material to be found on Netflix
Lately Liberty's Kids has been great for reviewing (YES, reviewing!) early American history.
Leap Frog, Super Why, and PBS and National Geographic shows have also been at the top of my list.

But let's get real!
You can't beat good, for-fun-only, entertainment either.
Burn NoticeMonkParking Wars

Taobao is basically China's Ebay.  It has made life in China so much easier.
Food coloring, Cheetos, English books, spices, clothes and shoes for "normal-sized people," 
American party supplies, Western appliances, Ikea stuff

I've found that crocheting is quite cathartic.  
It occupies my mind just enough that I stop thinking about everything else.

My current project is this nativity in which the barn is also a carrying bag.
I'm looking forward to the challenge on this one!  It's by far the most complicated thing I've attempted.
Thankfully, help in the form of my MIL will be coming to my rescue in April.

Nothing takes me back to a child-like state quite like Legos. 
Just the other day, we all made Lego robots and this was mine.

There's nothing like relaxing with a good book at the beach. I know this isn't my Kindle, but it usually is.  
That was very rare occasion where I have an actual paper book and not my Kindle.

The picture inside is the worst picture I've ever seen of me 
(not exaggerating--we had been running around in the freezing rain 
for over an hour before it was taken), 
but this little booklet has taken me so many places.  

I am so blessed to get to travel as much as I do.

Meet my boyfriend!
I snuggle with him, and he keeps me warm.
He never complains about my cold hands or feet; in fact, he welcomes them.
And best of all, I just give him one serving of electricity and he's good to go for hours!

Boyfriends are so life-changing, that I've introduced them to others.
One of my friends blogged about her enlightenment into the world of boyfriends
and it's quite hysterical!

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