Monday, March 12, 2012

All about Alyia Bontu

While we were in Ethiopia for court, we had the privilege of visiting our daughter.  In fact, she stayed with us for 4 nights.  We spent a total of about 5 days with her.  It's so interesting to get to know a child--your own child--when they come with an already developed personality.  It's just so much fun!

Here are some of the things we learned about Little Miss Alyia

~She is a happy baby

~She is a quick learner

~She really is a smart girl

~She LOVES water

~She is inquisitive

~She gives kisses by nibbling on your nose

~She can now walk 7 steps

~Any reflective surface is a definite source of entertainment

~She is VERY protective of her sippy cup

~She can say Mama, Addy (Daddy), hi, and boo

~She will have no problem defending herself against her two big brothers

~She is a girlie-girl...our princess

~She is nurturing

~She likes to flirt with Daddy

~She likes to cuddle

~She is a little musician

~She only cries (okay...screams) when she wants a bottle

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The Hands said...

oh, guys. how precious is she?! What a blessing- I love reading your blog!!!!!