Friday, April 6, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the deaf school...

Today we had a meeting with our sign language teacher before heading over to a deaf school, so we met her at Bach's Bakery. This Bakery is foreign owned and run, and is used as a platform for reaching into the deaf and hard of hearing community. The employees there are all deaf, and we were having fun using our simple sign language to talk and mess around. The boys were shyly using some signs we taught them..when suddenly Tegan whispered/signed to me that this one girl was BEAUTIFUL! Now she is slightly older, 20 years old, and he was embarrassed to admit this.
I of course decided to have some fun! I signed to her what he said! He was mad at me, and trying to hide, while turning a bright shade of red! Fortunately, this girl decided to have some fun with us as well. She came over to him, and gave him a hug and blew a kiss! 6 years old and already getting kissed by girls! He then followed her outside and down the street like a lost puppy dog!
Once again, we are so thankful for boys who are adaptable to any and all situations! We will be back again to practice our sign, and I am sure Tegan will be looking for her!

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