Friday, May 18, 2012

Lesson From My Son

Fridays I do not have class. They have turned into an errand day, a chance to catch up on all the things I do not usually have time to do. I finished all my stuff..and because it's sunny and 90 degrees outside...the boys and I decided to go outside and play. I took them to the local hospital/ University because they have a huge flat area where you can fly kites..ride bikes...
The boys were off playing, when some Chinese boys came over. They were older, 12-14 years old or so. One boy ran over to my boys and started teasing them, and actually called them some rude names.
I know that it was nothing personal against's just that teasing and putting people down is the same everywhere.
So how did my guys handle it..they just smiled and kept playing. I actually ran after the kid, angry and frustrated. He saw me coming and ran off. Then a few minutes later the same boy came back over, and actually said to me in English, " I sorry"
Immediately Tegan looked and me and asked if he could go play with this boy. I was like "no, why would you" and Tegan said "but Daddy, we are supposed to be nice to everyone.." and later he said," its because I forgive him"

They actually did play together for a while, but the age difference was to big, they had nothing in common. But what an amazing lesson in forgiveness and seeing others as our Father see's them.
As a Daddy, it's my job to teach him that, but today he taught me.
I am so proud of you my little man, you make this undeserving Daddy proud!


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The Hands said...

Wow, so glad to have found your blog. What an amazing story, what a beautiful family!