Sunday, June 24, 2012


This afternoon, we finally picked up our girl! She is doing okay, but is still very confused by whats going on. She is clinging to Renee, and fell asleep in my arms, but we can see the confusion in her eyes. We had lunch, some traditional Ethiopian food, and after she was full we saw some of the personality that we saw when we were here for court.

She is fat, healthy, and getting some teeth. Her brothers adore her, and while she is not to sure about Daddy, she is doing well. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


We interrupt the packing, planning, and finishing grades to bring you this important photo blog post. Teeth. After last night, the score is now:
Tegan 8
Preston 1

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prayers For Monday

Ethiopia 7:30 am Monday
Monday at 7:30 am Ethiopia time is a very important time for us in regards to our adoption. There will be an interview at the US Embassy in Addis Ababa with the woman who played a vital role in the adoption/life of our daughter.
At this interview, the Consul will decide if our case is cleared, or if it needs to be referred to the US Embassy in Nairobi. 
If it is cleared, we will be given an interview date, and as soon as school is done we will fly to pick up our daughter. If the case is referred to Nairobi, it will add 2-3 weeks to the process, with the end result being the same.

Obviously we prefer the first option! We are asking all of you to pray with us, to ask that the case is cleared and that we can buy plane tickets Monday night! But also for peace, in the event that the case is sent on. 
No matter what, we are almost done and will soon be a family of 5!
Please pray at:
Oregon-Sunday 9:30 pm
Texas-Sunday 11:30 pm
China-Monday 12:30 pm

Please pray for:
-Travel arrangements for the lady involved
-For Evan,the Consul who decides the case,  that he has a good weekend and nothing happens to effect his mood (you laugh, but living overseas I can tell you that events on Monday morning can effect your outlook the whole week)
-That the answers the lady gives will be consistent with what she has sworn to at least twice already
-That Evan will find the lady "credible" and believe her
-That we as a family will feel the peace that comes from Father no matter the outcome

Again, we will have her soon no matter what. Going on to Nairobi will only add 2-3 weeks. But we are ready to see her now!

Thanks so much

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lessons From My Students

A few weeks ago, I did a post on Lesson From My Son, and today I want to continue with something I learned from my students...

The next two weeks are finals in my Spoken English classes. My students are at a fairly high level in their speaking ability, so I was able to give them some hard questions in the final exam.One thing I was struck with, was how honest they were. I only got to talk to about 40 students today, and I can see a theme. Pain...

What is on thing you would change about your life?
-"I would draw. When I was 12, my parents made me stop drawing and study. Thats why I am studying accounting today. I don't want to, but I have to."

-"I would have a different Mom. My Mom was mean, and beat me. She never said any good things to me."

-"I would study what I want to study"

-" A family that supported MY dreams"

What do you look for in a future girlfriend? 
-"Someone who loves me more than their job"

-"Someone who respects me"

-"Someone that I can trust. I can't trust any guys"

-"Someone who won't divorce me"

The lesson I learned today? The need is great, greater than we can possibly imagine. Father, give us the laborers......