Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Rest of Us...

We know Alyia is doing about the rest of us?

 Honestly, I am having a harder time than I did with the boys. A baby is so much more work, and while I grew up with a large family I was not fully prepared for how much our life would change. I love my little girl, and want her more than anything. I will be fine, its just taking a little longer to adjust this time..

Renee has been amazing. She has taking to "Mommying" a baby incredibly well. She was born for this, and seems to have an instinct about what her daughter needs. She has adjusted quickly, and is on her to Mommy of the year status....
Tegan has adjusted well also. We were afraid that there would be jealousy issues, but so far that has not happened. Maybe when we get back to China...Alyia has really taken to  Tegan, and you can tell they already have a special bond.
 Preston is sooo excited not to be the baby anymore, that sometimes he overwhelms her. He tries hard, and will be an amazing brother as he learns what she needs, and how to fulfill that need. But for now, he loves his sister and does everything he can with her.

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