Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The SimpleThings

This post will be all about our oldest son Tegan. We have done many posts about our daughter, so its okay.
We have done so well with the kids adapting in both adoptions, that sometimes I forget he still has thoughts and memories of his previous life.
We are at my parents house for most of the summer, and the kids have fun exploring the cool things they find at Grandmas house. Today he found a CD player/radio/ tape player. The kind that was popular a few years ago. He told me he knew what it was, because some people in Wyolata (their hometown) had some. He said they used to carry them on their shoulder, but the only the rich people had one. He said this with a hint of sadness. I told him we can buy one for your room, and he got so excited. He said, "we must be rich"
I explained no, they are not expensive.
It was still a shock after all this time that he remembers the feeling of being poor and not having anything. While we are a long way from rich, their needs and m
any wants are met. They have amazing experiences, and have an incredible life. But it is the simple things, like not being able to afford a radio that he remembers most.


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