Wednesday, September 19, 2012

K + 1 + baby = AHHH + joy

Homeschool this year looks WAY different than it did last year with Tegan in Kinder and half the year with Preston doing K-4.  The biggest difference is now that Preston is doing Kinder, there is more of a need to "get through" what is on the schedule for the day.  It didn't matter so much with K-4 because the purpose of that was mostly to introduce him to the idea of school and make sure he was ready for Kindergarden.  Also, I never imagined just how much having a baby around would change homeschool.  

It's been quite a ride learning how differently Tegan and Preston learn.  My Kinder lessons from Tegan don't necessarily work best for Preston; so much for all the notes I kept to make this year easier.  I am finding that I have to be much more creative to meet the needs of a kinesthetic learner as compared to one who rather just figure out the facts and commit them to memory (maybe it's the Chinese influence...ha).  I'm enjoying the creative outlet that Preston gives me, but it is a lot more work!

Alyia is still adjusting to her new home, is getting in to EVERYTHING, and still requires my full attention (when Josh is gone).  I'm thinking the cloning thing sounds pretty good right now--one of me for Alyia, and one of me for teaching.  The morning hours homeschool are definitely the most exhausting hours of my day.  

In the end though, I know we'll figure it all out.  I greatly treasure the time that I am getting with ALL of my kiddos and try, sometimes more than others, to find joy in each and every day. 

Tegan on his first day of First Grade

Preston on his first day of Kindergarden

Alyia and her favorite entertainment during school
Tegan proudly doing his first ever homework assignment

Preston acting out Bremen Town Musicians

My sweet angels all posing for a picture

The SUPERDAD that makes sure I keep my sanity

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