Friday, September 7, 2012

What I Always Imagined

We've been back in China for nigh on 2 weeks now and we had our first afternoon of "nothing to do".   That's right, we had a couple of hours to relax!  Here's what we were up to:

Tegan and Preston
wearing Muai Thai boxing shorts
rolling around on the floor
wrestling and shooting nerf guns

playing with her kitchen set
giving the boys dirty looks for being rowdy

checking out the headlines on the computer

cozy with a new crochet project

It was then that I, Renee, realized,
"This is what I always imagined our family would look like!"

Will it always be like that?  No, and that's just fine.  
Actually, I don't want it to always be like that, 
but sometimes being a family is just being together, 
even though we are each doing our own thing.

In other news:
-Alyia slept through the night for the first time, has gone 2 nights without a mid-night time feeding, and 2 nights without falling asleep with a bottle.
-Preston lost tooth #2
-Tegan has enjoyed the new freedom we give him to "run around" with some neighborhood kids in the evenings (they grow up WAY too fast)
-Josh has started back to teaching
-Renee is figuring out how to handle 3 kids by herself while Josh is at school.
-Homeschool will start on Monday
-Tuesday, we'll have our first (3 month) post-placement social worker visit  (has it really been that long?) 

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