Friday, October 26, 2012

One year ago...

One year ago today, we were woken up at midnight with a phone call. The person on the other end told us that they had a child for us, would it be okay if they sent us some pictures and some information on her. We said of course, and a few minutes later we laid eyes on our daughter for the very first time.

We woke up the boys, and showed them their sister, and then they went back to sleep. And the funny thing is, in the morning Preston had not remembered being woken up, so we had to do it all again!

All we knew about you then was that you were 7 months old, and needed a Mommy and Daddy and brothers who would love you, and give you  forever home.

We got to watch you grow up through pictures....

Until the wonderful day in February when we FINALLY held you in our arms...

A year later and we know a lot more. We know how much you like to eat, and how smart and adventurous you are.  We know you love to laugh, and try to fit in with the older kids. We know you love to swim, and that you love your Mommy and Daddy. We know you like the dog, and climb on the furniture.  You love to fly, and ride the train, and be tickled by your family.

We know that you are a perfect fit, and that we are the most blessed people in the whole world, because we get to call you ours.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Renee and I have been in China now for 7 years, and I have been in and out of China for nearly 14 years. You would think we know all there is to know about Chinese culture, well you would be wrong!

There is one thing that we have learned since we have been back with our 3rd child, and it always amazes us!

When it was just Tegan and Preston, we would get comments all the time, about our boys. That happens to foreigners in China, our kids stand out (as do we) and people comment on that. We have been fortunate in that the comments are not mean spirited, but curious; usually doing with race and color within our family

Yet, when we came back in August, its as if the color issue disappeared. No longer do we hear questions and comments about that, the comments are on that unbelievable face that we have 3 kids! Somehow the idea of a biracial family is normal, but 3 kids are not.

Chinese culture, we love it though it always surprises us!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Alyia's newest thing is really quite annoying cute. She will run around the house calling, "Daddy, Daddy, uh-oh uh-oh." She will grab me by the finger, and drag me off to solve whatever the problem is.  A dropped bottle, locked out of her brothers room, wants a snack, the dog is chewing on her toy...big or small, Daddy (or Mommy) can solve it.

I have to admit, being a superhero to my daughter is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. You see, my wife and boys, they know the truth. I can't fool them. But my girl, that's a different story. You see, she has complete faith in me, I will always catch her, and be there when she is hungry, and stop her from getting into trouble. She loves me just because, and trusts me because she has no reason not to.

I think about our Heavenly Father, and how He must feel the same way. The joy I get from being the superhero to my girl is nothing compared to the joy He gets when He is our superhero. I have to admit these past few weeks have been hard. One of our (Renee and I) closest friends is struggling with an illness that the Doctors have said will take her Home. While part of me is envious of that, I am having a hard time understanding His choice. Can He heal her? Of course! But it looks as though that healing will be in His presence. One thing I am realizing is that I must be more like my daughter. Just like she trusts me, I must trust Him. I am a superhero to her; He is my superhero. He is good, and I can trust Him.
Just like Alyia needs me to help her, and trusts me to meet her every need, my Superhero can do the same. That's the lesson I am learning this week, and that's the lesson my daughter is teaching me. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Years Ago Today...

Happy Glad We Gottcha Day!

3 years ago, Renee and I took official custody of Tegan and Preston, and we became an official family of four!

Here are some pictures from our first afternoon!

All 3 kids got build a bears when we took official custody of them

Alyia loves this toy as much as they did

They were so scared of their first bath