Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Confessions of a former political junkie....

I love politics.  I love reading about the candidates, and making guesses about who will run, or who will win. My favorite TV show is West Wing, and am secretly a HUGE Bartlett, Santos, and Vinnick fan. I am disappointed that I have school tomorrow, and won't be able to refresh msnbc.com every 30 seconds as the returns come in.

Politics used to be a huge part of my life. I would argue with anyone, about anything, at anytime. If we agreed, I would argue the other side just for fun. In another life, I seriously considered being a page in Washington DC, and having a career working for the Legislative branch of the government.

Yet, this election cycle I did not open my mouth once, I have not made a single political statement on Facebook,  I have not endorsed anyone, and will not do it.  I have not watched any of the debates (though that's due more to the lack of English TV than anything else) and will support whoever our country elects as its President. Not because I blindly follow a leader, but because our Father ask us too. He made it clear, HE puts the leaders in their place, and as such will refer to them as President. We may not respect the person, but we must always respect the office.

What happened? During my 2nd trip to China in 2001, I had an amazing time. Every day was confirmation of the desire that HE had given me during my first trip 3 years before. Every day I was more certain than the one before that this amazing country is where I would spend my life. Yet, the ONE thing that is incredibly important for foreigners to remember is, you keep your mouth shut--about politics, about governments, about beliefs (religious and non religious). You don't ask people how they feel about actions taken by their government and they don't (usually) ask about yours.

So how was my love for politics and my love for China going to mix? Well something had to give. That summer I felt Father ask me to give HIM my love for politics, and for arguing nonsense. I realize that if I was going to reach the people I love, I had to give this up. So I did. It was not easy, and there are many times when I want to go back to my old way of doing things. But I can't, and won't. Because the desire and job HE gave me is more important than politics. It's more important than who the leader of a country is. It's for eternity.

As a citizen of the United States, I have a responsibility to vote, to make my voice heard, to support those that Father put in place. To pray for them, as they work in a job thats harder than anything any of us will ever do.  But for me that where my responsibility ends.
 I am not trying to convince anyone, thats the wonderful thing about a democracy is we can all disagree with each other. But thats my journey, from a hardcore political junkie to a fan of watching democracy in action!

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