Friday, November 9, 2012

Dreams and Politics Don't Mix

Last night was quite abnormal in that I awoke this morning remembering what I dreamt about.  It doesn't happen often.  Supposedly everyone has nightly dreams, but I seem to recall an unusually low number of my sleepy escapades.

Back to last night, I dreamed of a conversation with a local (Chinese) friend of mine concerning the recent US presidential elections.  She posed some direct questions, ones I think all Americans need to ponder.
  • Why are C--istians upset about Romey not winning?  Romney is Mormon...whatever that is.
  • Why are Americans such bad sports?  All I hear is the loosing side complaining.  Isn't that what happens?  Someone WILL loose. 
  • Why are Americans so excited to be a democratic nation?  
  • After seeing all the mafan (loosely translated as 'something troublesome') the democratic process causes, why would any country want to follow suit?
  • Why are Americans so concerned with other nations adopting a democratic government when clearly, all it does is causes so many people to be upset?  
  • Why do Americans insist that democracy is best for even the poorest of nations, then turn around and spend $6 billion on their own campaigns?
  • Why are so many people concerned about America becoming a communistic government when they still have so many freedoms?  Do they know what it means to be communist? 
  • Why is there so little talk of the congressional elections?  Isn't congress the law makers? Americans put too much pressure on the president.
I, myself, have wondered some of these same things.  I'm not trying to make a political statement or give any insight into my choice for president or any other elected official.  I am however, slightly embarrassed at the behavior of my fellow Americans, and especially of those who claim to share the same beliefs as myself.  The world is watching, so let's be mindful of the responses and the commentary we give.  Is it showing love?  Is it promoting unity?  Is it presenting an example that you want others to follow?

"If they are going to be watching, let's give them something good to watch.  If they are going to be listening, let's give them something good to hear."  

I wish I could remember where I heard that, but it was something that came up when discussing the lack of privacy that is so much a part of the culture of China. I think it's a practice that Americans need to adopt, especially if they want to survive as a nation and have an influence on the rest of the world. 

As for the questions posed by my friend in my dream...All I could say was "good question," and as I did with her, I will keep my (ever-changing) opinions about those matters to myself.

Hopefully tonight, the feature film of my dreams will be a little more exciting.  I'm politic-ed out!


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Lish said...

Wow, that's a powerful dream. Thank you for sharing it!