Thursday, December 20, 2012

30 Reasons I Love You...Happy Birthday Renee

Even though you are trying to avoid it, today is your birthday. In honor of this incredible day, I made my own "30 by 30 list", but with a twist.....
30 Reasons I Love You

1. You like making lists like this
2. Your need to be right in all situations
3. Your musical talent
4. There is nothing you can not do
5. You allow me to hog the covers
6. You see the best in everyone
7. You are beautiful

8. You are silly

9. You love to travel

10. You homeschool our kids
11. You married me

12. You can fix anything
13. You have a true servant heart
14. You repeat everything for me
15. You are the most amazing Mom in the world

16. You do the kids hair
17. You like to watch shows with me
18. How smart you are
19. You don't need me, you want me
20. Your patience
21. You have specific goals in life
22. You wake up early, and get much less sleep than you need
23. You get bored easy, and are always doing new things

24. Your children love you

25. You mop the floor
26. You put up with me
27. You are independent
28. You let me buy cool electronic stuff

29. You are organized
30. Because we have another 30 years (at least) together!

I Love you so much. As you once told me, 我永远的爱你

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