Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taste of Home

Our family as a whole has been missing China recently. While we are doing really well in America, we miss the familiar and our life in the place we feel the most comfortable.  Especially now, with the holiday season upon us, we miss having students in our home, and telling friends why we celebrate the way we do.

God knew this is how we were feeling, and this week He allowed us to discover some things that make it a little easier...
Grandpa and Grandma Santa. My parents volunteer to be Santa and Mrs. Claus and this is always a special thing for the kids to get to do. This was the first Santa that the boys saw, and the 2nd for Alyia.

We love the noodles that we would buy in the village market next to our apartment complex. We were  blessed to find the same type of noodles, and make it at here. It gave us a taste of home. 

Alyia loves noodles, and was so excited to see them. 

We always do hot pot on Christmas Eve, and this is the same type of flavoring and hot pot base that we use in the land we love. We were all so excited to see this, and can not wait till the 24th!

This is a yogurt drink that the kids love. It sells for about .50, and makes a great breakfast. When Tegan saw this, he began jumping up and down, and Alyia grabbed it, ran across the house, and refused to share. I was shocked that she remembered it just by the package. 

All we need (except the MSG) to make wonderful Chinese noodles at home. 

While we do miss our home in China, we are even more confident that this is where we are supposed to be for this season. God is taking care of us in incredible ways, and is constantly reassuring us that in His time we will return to our city. So while we are here, as long as we have some noodles once in a while, we will be okay and patiently wait for His timing...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The past few months in America have flown by. We have been so busy, but have also accomplished so much.
We are:
Doing sports-sometimes up to 5 days a week
Traveling to tell others about China
Scheduling our services
Working on my MA

Plus every day life. We do get frustrated at times, because life  in China is easier than life here (at least for us) . It's not as fast paced, and we do have more time as a family and more of an opportunity to slow down.
But we have been taking opportunities that life in America affords us, and are eagerly looking forward to the holidays, as its been four years since we had a Western Christmas! Things like cutting our one tree, introducing our daughter to Santa Claus (she has never seen him) and openly celebrating the reason for Christmas! So while our heart is in China, we push forward and make the most of where God has placed us for this season, knowing that we will return to the land of our calling in His timing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Months Later...

Its been two months since we have done an update, and part of that is because life is busy.  Also, not as much happens when we are stateside! We have gotten into a routine and are all settled and secure in what life has for us this season.

We have seen 2 rainbows (after 4 years of not seeing any, this is huge).

In the last month we have driven about 1500 miles, have crossed both the Southern and Northern borders of Oregon and have been privileged to share about China many times!

Tegan, Preston (and Mommy) have started school.

The boys each scored their first (and second) goals in soccer.


We adopted a dog that goes everywhere with us!

 We've eaten the biggest ice cream cone we have ever seen.

We found good climbing trees!

We've had lots of good ol' fun!

We have found our place in Oregon, and while we know it's only for a season, its been good!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

So we are back....

We are finally all settled and ready to give you all an update. It has been a while, but here are some thoughts:

First of all, we have been learning that life truly is a life of faith for those that believe in our Creator. Even when we can not see what is going to happen, we know that He has it under control.

We have learned many things during the month or so that we have been back in America, and our first thought is that America is weird! There are so many cultural things that we are still adjusting to. That part has been harder this time. Things like:
-Personal Space-in America people don't like it if you stand too close to them!
-Chit chat-in China you don't really acknowledge others in passing in the same way you do here.
-Life moves faster here
-There are so many choices and different types of the products that it can be overwhelming
-How to be quiet. Life is so noisy in China, but here in America you have to be quiet!  Our poor neighbors!

The kids are doing okay. They miss China, but are doing okay. They are not doing well with the loss of freedom. In China they could run around the complex without us, and run to their friends' houses. Here they can't. They are also not doing well with not being the center of attention. They are having to learn how to make friends based on common interests and such, rather than the fact they are unique and foreigners.

They are making friends at our home church and will start playing soccer with the Boys and Girls Club next month, so that will help as well. 

Renee and I miss China. We want to be there, but are learning how to enjoy America, too. Here we have a dishwasher, and my parents are in town so we get a free babysitter! We will be fine, but the adjustment is harder this time. Last time (in 2008) we were beginning the adoption process, so we had something to look forward to and help pass the time. This time we do not. 

But we have gotten to do some fun things:

All in all, God is good.  He is good ALL the time, and we are so blessed to know and serve Him!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Li Li's Glad We Gotcha Day!

Li Li,
One year ago today, you were just minding your own business in the same room that you had lived in for most of your life. You got to play with the Nannies, and drink your Ba (bottle). You got plenty of attention, and got to walk around outside.
You had no idea that your life was about to change forever, and to be honest you probably did not want that to happen!
When the Nanny handed you over to your Mommy, you started screaming. We later learned that it was just your scared scream, but oh how you cried! It took a van ride, a bath, a  change of clothes, some food and some cool new toys for you to settle down.
You have come so far in this past year, and your Mommy and I are so proud of you. You have changed this family forever, and in a good way! You have brought so much laughter, frustration, wonder, and enjoyment to this family.
Its only been a year, but we can not remember what our life was like before you came. We are so proud of you, and love you so much. You are our little Princess, and you have everyone wrapped round your little finger!
We love you so much...Happy Glad We Gotach Day!