Wednesday, February 13, 2013


All to often the middle child gets overlooked, and we see that is happening to Preston. So here is a post devoted entirely to Preston Amana Ransom.

He's the goofy (goofiest) one in the family!

He smiles in EVERY picture!

He loves to pick flowers for his Mama!

He's the first to say "Thank you" for everything!

He likes to do his own thing and doesn't necessarily have to always be with someone.

He is so compassionate, even toward his sister when she's carrying a dead fish.

He has a great arm on him and is quite the muscular dude.  
He's gonna grow up to be that guy.  You know, the one that has a 6-pack without even trying!

He can turn ANY situation into something fun!

He's so careful and meticulous!

We are so thankful that God has given us this precious son!  Preston does an amazing job of being both a little brother and a big brother (Whew!  My mind gets confused just thinking about that!).  He's taught us all how to enjoy the precious every-day moments of life.  He has shown us how important it is to just enjoy each other, even if we're not doing something special.  He's also taught us that being spontaneous can be fun.

And most importantly...He has just decided that he wants to follow Jesus!  

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Sheila said...

Woohoo for Preston!