Saturday, April 6, 2013


So many of my childhood memories revolve around my Peepaw.  I say he was my Peepaw, but he was really my neighbor.  He had grandkids and great grand kids of his own, but I never knew anything different and he treated me as one of his own.  I grew up calling him Peepaw.  Just calling him neighbor didn't cut it.  So, he was my Peepaw, even though he was someone else's too.

I can't begin to tell you just how many hours I sat in his lap, how many word searches we completed, how many bowls of strawberry ice cream and packages of licorice we shared, how many pennies he gave me for the gum-ball machine, how many tractor rides we took together, how many Wheel of Fortune episodes we watched from his rocking chair, how many glasses of milk we drank alongside each other, or how many times I heard him warn, "You're gonna bust your kuhsitus, ya hear!"

Many of my memories involve my Dad and Peepaw together, and again, I can't count how many times I watched them dig through each others' junk piles garages looking for this or that, how many times they worked together to build something only they would know the purpose and function of, how many times they sat together with sweat dripping on their brows from a hard day's work, how many times they sat watching me ride my bike, how many times they met at our barbed wire fence line to discuss the weather.

Though I don't know the numbers to any of those things, I do know that I only pulled down his britches ONE time while he was barbecuing (Give me a break.  I was only 3 years old.)

This past Summer, we were in the US after adopting our youngest, and we took a trip to see Meemaw and Peepaw.  Peepaw's health had not been too good, and I had a feeling that it would be the last I would see him.  It was also the first time he met my kids. He made quite the impression on them in such a short visit, and I'm sure it had everything to do with his orneriness.  It was bittersweet, and I'm so glad that we made that trip and he became their Peepaw too.

On Friday, Peepaw took his final breath and on Tuesday he will be laid to rest.  He was one of the most important men in my life and I will miss him dearly.

We love you, Peepaw!

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Sheila said...

Sending prayers of comfort your way!