Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Plan....Fathers Plan....

You would think that we would be used to it by now. Knowing that what we think is best and what our Father thinks is best can often be different from each other.  Yet, no matter how many times it happens, it always takes me by surprise.

On May 1st, I got an email from my school, telling me that my contract would not be renewed for the coming school year. I know that many people may not understand why I we have to teach in addition to everything else, but its simple. We need a visa to live in China, and teaching gives my family and I a legal reason to be in the country, as well as the ability to live here long term.

I was disappointed, but was confident that I could find another job/visa. I mean, they always need teachers in China......right? Usually.......yes.....but this

We explored every opportunity, and I mean every opportunity, but the doors kept closing. We got more and more discouraged, and began wondering if our time in China was done. One Sunday, we as a family locked ourself into our house and had some quality time together. We pr'ed, and ask the kids what their thoughts were. One of our kids answered with this, "I miss America, but China is my home."

With that, we knew our time was not done, so we began asking Father to show us the next step. And He did....and it was NOT what we were expecting.

The short story is that we have decided to go back to America a year early. Our company has us here in China for 4 years, then America for 1....and so on...but we are heading back after only 3. There are some other things that have helped us see that this is the right decision. It is not what we expected, but thats okay. He knows best....

In the net year or so, we will be doing several things:
1. Working on furthering our education. We have some open doors that are waiting for us, but we feel we need to be more prepared educationally wise. This will give us a visa that we need.

2. Traveling around Oregon and the country telling people of the amazing things that we are privileged to be a part of.

3. For the first time, allowing our kids to enjoy American culture, while we enjoy a dishwasher!

We will be back, this is home. Out time in America will be temporary, but we plan on enjoying it and making the most of it.

His plan...not ours....

In the meantime, we are selling/giving away our stuff.....