Thursday, August 1, 2013

So we are back....

We are finally all settled and ready to give you all an update. It has been a while, but here are some thoughts:

First of all, we have been learning that life truly is a life of faith for those that believe in our Creator. Even when we can not see what is going to happen, we know that He has it under control.

We have learned many things during the month or so that we have been back in America, and our first thought is that America is weird! There are so many cultural things that we are still adjusting to. That part has been harder this time. Things like:
-Personal Space-in America people don't like it if you stand too close to them!
-Chit chat-in China you don't really acknowledge others in passing in the same way you do here.
-Life moves faster here
-There are so many choices and different types of the products that it can be overwhelming
-How to be quiet. Life is so noisy in China, but here in America you have to be quiet!  Our poor neighbors!

The kids are doing okay. They miss China, but are doing okay. They are not doing well with the loss of freedom. In China they could run around the complex without us, and run to their friends' houses. Here they can't. They are also not doing well with not being the center of attention. They are having to learn how to make friends based on common interests and such, rather than the fact they are unique and foreigners.

They are making friends at our home church and will start playing soccer with the Boys and Girls Club next month, so that will help as well. 

Renee and I miss China. We want to be there, but are learning how to enjoy America, too. Here we have a dishwasher, and my parents are in town so we get a free babysitter! We will be fine, but the adjustment is harder this time. Last time (in 2008) we were beginning the adoption process, so we had something to look forward to and help pass the time. This time we do not. 

But we have gotten to do some fun things:

All in all, God is good.  He is good ALL the time, and we are so blessed to know and serve Him!

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Sheila said...

Just wanted you to know we were thinking of you guys! We hope everything is going well!