Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The past few months in America have flown by. We have been so busy, but have also accomplished so much.
We are:
Doing sports-sometimes up to 5 days a week
Traveling to tell others about China
Scheduling our services
Working on my MA

Plus every day life. We do get frustrated at times, because life  in China is easier than life here (at least for us) . It's not as fast paced, and we do have more time as a family and more of an opportunity to slow down.
But we have been taking opportunities that life in America affords us, and are eagerly looking forward to the holidays, as its been four years since we had a Western Christmas! Things like cutting our one tree, introducing our daughter to Santa Claus (she has never seen him) and openly celebrating the reason for Christmas! So while our heart is in China, we push forward and make the most of where God has placed us for this season, knowing that we will return to the land of our calling in His timing.

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