Friday, February 28, 2014

Alyia, our Father and I

Last night on our way home, we were in our usual spots in the car. I was driving, Renee was in the front, and our daughter was in her car seat.  A few minutes into our drive home, we had this conversation:

Alyia "Daddy"
Me: "What princess?"
Alyia: "Daddy"
Me: " What Alyia?"
Alyia: "DADDY"
Me: "Tell Mommy. I can't turn around when I am driving."
Alyia: "DADDY"

We get to a stop light, I turn around, and with a little more frustration than I should, I ask her what she was yelling about and ask why she couldn't tell Mommy.

Her response, "I love you."

She goes on to explain that she wants me to look at her when she talks to me because she wants to make sure I hear it. She is not even 3 years old, but she already knows that Daddy needs help hearing her, especially when it's dark.

Tears came to my eyes, because it hurts that she has to know that. I wish more than anything that she could talk to me like she does her Mommy, or brothers.

But she still loves me, so much that she is willing to wait for me to tell me that. She wants to see me face to face.

I think there is a lesson there. Our Heavenly Father is the same way. He wants to see us face to face; He is not satisfied with a passing conversation where our attention is not on Him.

Yet He loves us, more than my daughter loves me, more than I love her (though it's hard to imagine that's even possible), and He is willing to wait till we turn to Him so that He can tell us face to face..."I love you."

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