Sunday, February 16, 2014

好, Woman + Child = Good


Generally, it's the first word you learn of any new language.  

In Chinese, we say "你好".  

Quite literally it means, "You good".

I learned it so long ago, that it's become mindless to say.  I don't think about the meaning any more than I think about what it means to say, "Hi," to the checker at the grocery store.  Yesterday though,  was reminded of the most basic meaning of that second character meaning "good".  

It's the combination of two characters:
女, meaning woman
子, meaning child

Did you catch that?
女 +子 = 好
Woman + child = good

Now this could be an argument for single mother parenthood...
or for the uselessness of men (come on, you know you laughed at that)... could be an argument about how children are a blessing from the Lord.

My children have brought so much goodness into my life! 
Here's just a little, and I do mean little, peek.  

This guy right here...he's taught me how to laugh, and I mean the kind of laughter that makes your gut sore for days.

And this guy...he's showed me what untainted joy looks like.  It's the kind that doesn't look at circumstances but finds beauty in the little things.

And my princess...she's taught me how the sweetness of cuddles, a good hug, or kisses on the nose make the world a little brighter.

My life has truly been enriched because of the blessing of my children.
Oh, how I love them so!

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