Saturday, May 23, 2015


Today was the last day of school for Tegan and Preston (and for me to since we homeschool).  As is our custom on the last day of each year, we read "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.

I love this book!  Every time I read it, there's something different that grabs my attention.
Today, this is what got me... seems to be all we do these days.

So many times, waiting means we have NO CONTROL over what is happing.
We just have to wait.
We wait for move out day, for the day we fly out, for the chance to see all our friends in China.  
We wait for our car to sell and for our visas to arrive (which they did!).
We just have to wait, and sometimes most times, we aren't so good at it.

So comes the wisdom of Dr. the very next page!

See, at some point, the waiting ends and the road begins.  Kinda sounds like a country song...
But even in the waiting, we can find the Boom Bands playing.
Even when circumstances would distract us from all the exciting things going on,
we HAVE to find the "bright places".  

For now, while we wait, we find joy in knowing that we will be home soon enough, that we have a little longer with people we love in the US, that we have a little bit longer to enjoy some of our favorite American treats, and most importantly that

All that waiting, "NO! that's not for you!"
At least that's not where our focus is meant to be.
It's hard, but I'll work to keep my focus in the right places if you will...

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