Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Overwhelmed! In so many ways!

-By the love and provision of our Father.  From the moment we landed in China, it has been quite obvious that He has prepared the way for us.  He hand picked a house that we truly don't deserve, and reserved it at a price that was well within our budget.  He has prepared the perfect teaching position for Josh with great students and coworkers.  He has placed many friends for our children right near our home.  He has strengthened (and stretched) us during the record-breaking heat wave.  He has kept our heads held high when our eyelids are ready to close.  He has performed miracles in paperwork.  He is just SO GOOD!!!! 

-By the opportunities waiting here for us.  From being welcomed back into the deaf schools, to connecting with old friends who have grown so much, to new friends being placed right next door, to a group of moms wanting to meet together, we are constantly being amazed by all the opportunities that have been prepared ahead of us.  We can't wait to fully explore each and every one of these avenues and discover all the great things He has planned for us.  

-By the flexibility and strength our children exhibit.  Let's face it.  Moving is hard!  Lots of good byes, toys given away, missing favorite foods, loss of routine, feelings of isolation.  For anyone, transition is hard.  But, our kids (ages 9, 8 and 4) have faced all of this with such a great attitude and excitement for the journey.  They've jumped right back into struggling through the language and have made new friends.  They've ventured out to try new foods and embraced the culture as their own.  They've done it all most of it with smiles on their faces.  These kids are just as chosen as we are for this life!

-By the hospitality of our Chinese neighbors.  You'll read more about this one soon in a post entitled "Have You Eaten Yet? 你吃了沒有?"  

-By the support of our friends and family in the US.  We have received countless messages from those we have left behind.  We are encouraged by your prayers for our family during this time of transition.  We truly couldn't do this without the love and backing of our friends and family...Thank you!!!

Please continue to lift us up.  We are still in the midst of transition, but we are encouraged and excited about all that this summer and the coming years will bring.  We are held in the palm of His hand, and it's the perfect place to be!  

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn, 
if I settle on the far side of the sea, 
even there His hand will guide me.  
His right hand will hold me fast."  
~ an excerpt from one of David's songs

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