Sunday, July 12, 2015

A visit to a Chinese hospital

While experiences at the local hospital are changing quickly and more Western influences are creeping in, there are still some major differences between the way we do things in America and in our amazing city of Changsha.

Yesterday, Tegan hurt himself at Tae Kwon Do, and by evening it was clear there was a big problem. So at 10:00 pm, Renee and Tegan set off to the hospital. In China you do not go to a doctors office..everything is at the hospital.

Thankfully, the visit to the ER went remarkably well.

We had to go back this morning, just for a follow up. The younger kids discovered that Tegan is limited in what he can do, so they are having to serve him, to help him a little more. So far they are embracing that role!

They are all hopping like their brother...

The next few pictures are from our visit to the hospital this morning for his followup!

When you arrive, you have to go stand in line and tell the reception desk what is wrong. They assign you a number, and tell you what office to go to.  You go directly to a specialist every time.  They also charge you about ¥4--less than a dollar--for the doctor fee. The tests and treatments are extra...but the doctor is very cheap!

Next, you go upstairs and wait till your number is called. That can take a while, but its fairly orderly since they started giving numbers and wait times! Finally they call your name....

Then you go to your assigned room and wait for the doctor to call you in. Then you are all done. Fortunately, Tegan does not need surgery or anything, just time. 

In China, they do not provide you with crutches and such. They would just tell him to hop. I decided that was not the best for him, so I went and bought some crunches for him at the medical supply store next door. It cost me about $16...not bad!

In fact, the total bill was less than $100.00 That includes, a ER visit, a follow up visit, a cast, two X-rays, and a LOT of medicine (for pain, swelling)

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