Monday, August 24, 2015

A kindergarten Exam

Next week, Alyia will begin Chinese kindergarten. Its basically the equivalent of pre-school in America, and most kids attend for 4 years; beginning at age 2 or 3. Since she is already 4, she is jumping to the third year...and we see this as a wonderful opportunity for her to develop her spoken Chinese, as well as make friends with kids her age.

Before she can begin however, she needs to have a physical exam. This is a requirement for any kids, so the kinder doctor office is always crowded. Renee, Alyia and I set off this morning to get it done.

Step one, get out of the way of the "dueling cars"

Step two, pay ¥82  ($12) and go stand in line.

Step three, get weighed and measured and be told that "she is heavy"

Step four, get your heart listened to, teeth checked

Step five, urinate in a little cup, and give it to the nurse (not pictured)

 Step six, stand in a long line while you wait for them to call your name

Step seven, smile while they take some blood-and get cheers because every other child screamed/cried/threw fits and you did not. 

Step eight, play with your new ¥18 ($2.50) toy that you got while you wait for them to test your blood and your not pictured urine. 
Step nine, smile and pose with your medical book. Congratulations, you can now attend kindergarten!

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