About Us!

We are the Ransom family:
We currently live and work in Changsha, Hunan, China, and love it. As a couple we have been in China for 6 years; as a family for three.  We are very busy with our life here, but are very thankful for the privilege of living and working in this amazing country. We have been back in America for almost a year, and are ready to go home!
Join with us as we live this life, and follow us in our adventures in Changsha and the rest of China.

This is Josh. I dont usually take pictures, so we are including Renee in this one. I am from Oregon, but have made my home in China since 2005. I am a teacher, husband, and a proud Father to the most most amazing kids in the world. This is Renee doing something you will find we do a lot..drinking coffee!

This is Renee. She is from Texas, and has also been in China since 2005. She loves music, traveling, Southern food, and her family. She is an awesome Mom and wife! 

We met in Xian, got married in Thailand, have children from Ethiopia and live in Changsha!

This is Tegan, Preston and Alyia. The boys joined our family almost 5 years ago, Alyia joined us 2 years ago, and have changed our lives in a great way. They are the most talented, smart and special kids in the whole world! We are so blessed to be their parents.

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us several ways:

On Facebook:
Joshua Ransom
Renee Ransom
We also have a skype number that we can give out on request. Ask us, and we will pass it on.